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Our customers are now able to save additional money and cut their production lead times by utilizing our patent-pending "solutions". Learn more about some of our money saving solutions below, or contact us to discuss putting these money saving ideas to work for your company.

The Base Cube™ System

The "Base Cubeā„¢" system provides the latest manufacturing technology by using modular technical building blocks. This operational approach provides customized systems at an affordable cost and on an expedited schedule. Utilizing this technology on future projects reduces risk and time for our customers.

Using the Base Cube System has delivered numerous innovative solutions and has a unique ability to solve the toughest problems that face our customers - cost and time.

Intell X-16: Assembly Location Verification System

Since fastener installation verification is one of the most challenging and costly parts of the assembly process we designed the Intell X-16 to error proof the operator assembly process. It features a unique location feedback system that verifies fastener location at the time it is qualified. Through this method it can guarantee the correct installation of a fastener without physically detecting the fastener.

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