Our Services

At Applied Technologies & Resources, Inc. our customers know what they want to do, but don't know how to do it. We will help you turn your idea into reality through designing, manufacturing, testing and installing your automation or assembly equipment.

Design & Engineering

We are often asked for a "Complete Solution" or "Turn Key Project". This is achieved with close customer contact to ensure their objectives are met. The basis of all our automation machines is a sound design, carried out by precision engineering using the most appropriate proven technologies.

Machining, Fabrication & Fitting

Our machine shop is extremely well-equipped with the latest machine tools and sophisticated equipment, from computer aided milling machines to welding equipment.

Our experienced fabricators are dedicated to making a quality product. Their expertise ranges from the manufacture of small batch precision components, prototypes and tooling, using all types of materials from stainless steel to engineering plastics - with a high level of inspection at every operation.

Electrical & Control Systems

AT&R has the capability to generate advanced control programs, design, build and wire complex control enclosures, and de-bug your projects. We are also happy to work with the PLC processors system of your choice.

Service & Reconditioning

AT&R offers a wide variety of in-house and onsite machine support services. We can take your worn out, outdated machine and use our expertise to give it a new lease on life and increase its production.

These services include reconditioning, replacing worn parts, updating the technology with more modern or appropriate alternatives, replacing the control system and retrofitting the guarding to meet current standards.

Our Capabilities

At Applied Technologies & Resources we apply a high level engineering capabilities, creativity, and experience to deliver Custom Automation and Assembly Systems of remarkable reliability and efficiency, including:

Assembly & Automation Equipment

There are many factors for determining assembly automation equipment justification and implementation. There are dominant factors that seem to be common among the majority of our clients, yet each client is influenced by variables that make each project unique.

Automated Equipment Engineering & Design

We employ the latest analysis techniques to solve even the toughest design problems quickly and efficiently.

Research & Development Engineering

We are constantly designing new ways to improve the manufacturing process by increasing production and reducing costs.

Design Communication & Validation Services

AT&R can help design sub-systems, sub-assemblies, or even parts to sub-assemblies in an ongoing project you may be working on. Depending on details particular to each project, we will apply its capabilities to deliver the best automated system and style of machine, to meet the client's requirements.

Machine Vision Systems Integration

AT&R has the ability to providing vision systems on custom automation systems and can integrate machine vision systems on existing machinery. Table top systems can also be developed to test, learn, develop, or prove your application.